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Razor Blade

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Streamline appearance and performance
Colours created the Razorblade for our most selective consumers. With it’s unique unified design ­ this ride strides for the ultimate fit and roll. If you consider “cutting edge” style and efficiency to be of the utmost importance the Razorblade is for you.
  • Ergo Seating available for custom positioning, Custom Frame Options for optimal tailored fit.
  • Rear Seat Height and Center of Gravity Plate:
    COG ( Center of Gravity) adjustability for fine-tuning and balance of your wheelchair. Fixed front and rear seat heights.
  • Solid main-frame tube which allows for strong lightweight rigid support.
  • Adjustable Backrest Angle & Footrest:
    for fine-tuning comfort and fit.
  • Aero Tubing for caster housing attachment:
    New front tear drop extrusion -forget the bulky hardware.
  • Lightweight Frame - Compact Design:
    Compact frame design which is ideal for loading in and out of your vehicle.
  • Colour's Lightest Wheelchair

Shock Blade

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The ultimate advancement in suspension wheelchairs
Colours exclusive 4 wheel independent suspension system has been proven to be unmatchable for 13 years within our industry. It has been clinically proven to reduce back pain and spasticity. This leads to instant pressure relief from the pinnacle movements of the suspension. Pushing Shockblade will help eliminate fatiguing body jolts on normal to extreme terrain.
  • Shockblade suspension system is 3 lbs lighter than past models
  • Ergo seating available for custom positioning and ultimate comfort
  • Custom frame options for unparralled tailored fit
  • New front tear drop extrusion - eliminating unnecessary weight
  • Adjustable angle backrest

Switch Blade

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Colours has developed the Switchblade to tackle any positioning situation. Developed around seating and positioning the Switchblade provides the versatility, comfort, and efficiency to make essential changes or modifications easier and faster.
  • Adjustable Rear Seat Ht., Front Seat Ht.:
    unique innovative design and incredible adjustability for creating the perfect fit and ultimate comfort. The adjustable front and rear seat height will no affect the lower wheel base.
  • Aero Tubing for caster housing attachment:
    Compact frame design which is ideal for loading in and out of your vehicle.
  • Adjustable Backrest Angle & Footrest:
    for fine-tuning comfort and fit.
  • Great Fitting Wheelchair:
    Everyone has their own unique fit and comfort zone.  Switchblade will meet your unique positioning and custom fit your body into your own comfort zone for ultimate smooth performance.  Excellent frame for first time consumers.  Easy adjustability and compact frame.


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The "Krypto" everyday wheelchair helps you overcome the insecurities in life and allows you to concentrate on the many features that the "Krypto" has to offer. By not having to worry about your wheelchair, you can get on with the business of living and fulfilling your potential.
Does your lifestyle and personality surpass ordinary ultra lightweight wheelchairs? Are you tired of looking at the same models on the market today? Look no further. Colours has once again rescued the market by creating the Krypto wheelchair. With its unique innovative design and immense adjustability, this wheelchair finally completes both your functional and aesthetic needs.
At Colours we love challenges. Unique positioning and fit is one of our greatest fortes. We understand that the average wheelchair consumer spends approximately 14 hours a day in their wheelchair and that they will receive a new wheelchair approximately every 5 years. This totals 25,550 hours in your wheelchair. If you were to travel in your car at 60 mph, these hours would total approximately 1.5 million miles.


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Colours 'N Motion "Spazz" offers you the style, versatility and adjustability you need in your first wheelchair. With its simple design and clean lines not only will you look good in your "Spazz" but your maneuverability will be unsurpassed.

Many therapists insist that their newly injured patients sit at higher rear seat heights. With the "Spazz" your rear seat height adjustability is endless. Colours has done this by incorporating optional height adjustment plates into the design of the "Spazz."
Contoured Frame
The main "rigid" axle tube gives you an increased rigidity and support within your wheelchair frame. Match this up with a "middle" frame contour and you will never have to worry about hitting your steering wheel again when loading the "Spazz" into your car.

The "Spazz" also comes standard with 0 to 6 degrees of camber and height adjustable and angle adjustable backrest and footrest. "Spazz" also features our fully adjustable caster housing assemblies. This unique feature comes standard on the majority of the Colours'N Motion's wheelchairs. With the Colours caster housing assembly you will be able to perfectly align the front end of your wheelchair even while completely changing the front caster position, thus enhance the performance of your wheelchair, making it easier to push and control.


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Colours created the "Zephyr" for our meticulous customers that know exactly how they like to sit and function in their wheelchairs. This wheelchair is not for virgin first time wheelchair users. Our customers build each "Zephyr" by hand. You design it! You build it! You bend it! You are the engineer!

Versatile & Desirable
The "Zephyr" can be used for everyday, tennis or basketball. And there is one feature of the "Zephyr" that seems to be consistent with all of our customers. They all want more than just one!
The Perfect Body
How many manufacturers today will allow you to give them exact measurements in 1/2" increments? The "Zephyr's" options are endless. From customer seat depth to its custom center of gravity built right into the frame, the "Zephyr" will only accommodate the most demanding customers. By being unique in their own aspect each "Zephyr" build can be truly considered a work of art.

Spazz G

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Have you been dreaming of that unique custom wheelchair that would not cost you an arm and a leg? Have Faith. Colours has answered your prayers with the SPAZZ-G.
Let’s not forget the SPAZZ-G has a main rigid axle tube that gives you the durability, rigidity and support that you depend on from your wheelchair frame. With the SPAZZ-G positive locking adjustable backrest, you will benefit from its full range of infinite backrest angle settings. Now you can truly find your perfect sweet spot to set your backrest angle.
The SPAZZ-G features not only growth seat width and depth, but Colours also offers adjustable positioning for every unique body. And with the SPAZZ-G unique contoured frame you will never again have to worry about loading your wheelchair over your steering wheel.


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The "Hammer" rewrites the rules regarding rigid frame design. From its large aluminum tubing diameter to the wide "Hammer" head front-end design, the "Hammer" is the ultimate contact sports wheelchair.
Designed by a team of engineers headed up by Mike BOx, the "Hammer" is constantly evolving into an unique high performance piece of equipment that has been proven to be the best inthe world. By working carefully with the United State Para-Olympic rugby team as their equipment coordinator, Mike made it possible for them to bring back the gold medal for the United States. Designed specifically for contact sports, the "Hammer" is equipped for rugby, hockey, football or softball.
Hooked Up
If defense is your game...a defensive rugby player perhaps, just imagine what type of custom front-end picker you want to design for your "Hammer" wheelchair. The next time you want to reach out and hold or grab someone, try the "Hammer" and its rigid picker front-end.


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